Questions Related To Four Dimensional Ultrasound

Questions Related To Four Dimensional Ultrasound

Questions Related To Four Dimensional Ultrasound

1- Is there special arrangements before the examination?

No special arrangements expect for taking an appointment, sometimes she may need to have full bladder, in this case she is asked to drink 4cups of water or juice and wait for a while before the examination.

2- Is it a safe procedure? How long does it take?

Yes, it is a safe procedure; the ideal examination takes 20-40 minute.

3- In which cases of pregnancy it is considered very important?

- Old maternal age.

- Previous baby with congenital anomalies.

- Negative laboratory result.

- Family history of congenital anomalies.

- Maternal exposure to affecting factors such as, taking certain medications or poisonous substances.

4- What is the appropriate time for this procedure?

The ideal thing is to do this three times during pregnancy:

- In the first trimester:

To check if there are certain congenital anomalies such as, anencephaly, neural tube defects or anomalies related to abdominal wall and limbs.

- In the second trimester:

To have an idea with more details for the fetus and check his internal organs and their functions, and the most important of which is the heart.

- In the third and last trimester:

To have more clear idea and observe some problems that may appear during this period such as, growth and development, muscle coordination, fetal movement and if there is any growth retardation.

If the pregnant wants only to have this examination one time only, she is advised to do it during the fifth month of pregnancy in which the doctor can check most of the details at this time, in addition, the pregnant can recognize some details of the fetus.

It should be mentioned here that the most beautiful photos for the baby is between 26-30 weeks but there is no guarantee to have beautiful ones especially for the face.

5- What is the main goal from this examination?

It is to check on fetal wellbeing, by examining most of fetal organs like: heart, kidneys, liver, stomach and other details that the mother may not understand its importance.

It has a role also in social relationship and bonding between the mother and the fetus, but taking photos for his face is something that you can’t control because it depends completely on fetal position which can’t be controlled.
36 Weeks Fetus
6- Is the 4-D scan an alternative for amniocentesis?

No, it is not an alternative.

7- Is there a guarantee to have fetal photos exactly like the ones on our web site?

Fetal photos depend on many factors:

First: Fetal position inside the uterus.

Second: Fetal age.

Third: The amounts of liquor around the fetus, good amounts are required to have clear photos.

Fourth: The skills for who is using the ultrasound.

All these factors together affect the quality of the photos, all we can’t guarantee except the fourth one (the skill).

8- When I can have the photos and C.D?

Just before leaving our center.

Last Update: 2011-09-01