Dr. Najeeb Layyous, OB GYN, is an infertility specialist practicing in a medical centre located in Amman, Jordan.

This medical website that is regarded as one of the largest medical sites in the Middle East has been set up in such a way as to be able to impart knowledge of a highly scientific nature to people worldwide without a medical background. I have tried to explain and simplify information so that all people no matter how limited is there education can understand about their own bodies and the medical problems that they will face during their lifetimes. I have provided simplified descriptions, pictures and video clips of medical topics relating to gynecology, pregnancy, female and male infertility, assisted reproductive technologies and Ultrasonography

Furthermore there is also a section to address the professional and medical public which includes highly technical data.

We are continually updating this site with the latest medical advances that we follow in our IVF center In Jordan.

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Ultrasound Scan
4D Ultrasound Scan,Advantages Clinical Uses and Many Photos that were taken by 4-D Ultrasound and 3-D Ultrasound,In adition to video clips and slide shows
Dr. Najeeb Layyous
Important information about and a visit to Doctor Najeeb Layyous center
Assisted Reproduction
procedures to help you to get pregnant
Infertility,All you need to know about Infertility and Subfertility
Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy
what are these procedures &how can they help in infertility
Video & Photos
Video and photos
Pregnancy-symptoms of Pregnancy-Different conditions related to Pregnancy
Childbirth and Newborn
interesting facts you need to know
Gynecological Disorders and Diseases - Gynecology resources from
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Latest local and international news, weather, infertility, health and medicine
About Jordan
Amazing photos and facts about Jordan
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