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This site is funded by Dr Najeeb Layyous personally. All the material for the site have been contributed by Dr Najeeb Layyous personally. The advertising policy of is as follows:

Advertising policy and conditions for advertising on

  1. cares in choosing its list of advertisers. We only consider advertisers with good reputation, or licensed medical centers that employ reputable competent specialists in their field .we have the right to accept or refuse any advertisement without having to give an explanation.
  2. does not endorse any product advertised on this site

  3. The advertisement should meet the following conditions:-

  • -Should be clear and not vague
    -Banner ads must be supplied by the advertiser in the form of a gif or jpg file.
    -Any animation may run for only 7 seconds and then stop, or may continue to run only if there is a 2 seconds pause between cycles.
    -Maximum AD size is 468 pixels wide 60 pixels tall.
    -Maximum file size is 24 k.
    -When advertising products or services, condition that the advertiser supports his claims by clinical research.
    -The advertiser presents balanced and objective information on the advertised products and services.
    -The product advertised should be legal.
    -The product advertised should be related to the topics discussed in the web site.
    -The advertisement should not conflict with the morals and ethics of the society
  1. If receives complaints supported by enough evidence against any of the advertised services or products that the product does not fit the advertised claims, we will terminate the contract with the advertiser of this service or product.
  2. The advertiser takes full responsibility for the product advertised and the content of the advertisement .Obtaining copyright and publication rights is the responsibility of the advertiser.
  3. does not allow Posting advertisements or solicitations of business in the Public forum.
  4. may provide links to other Internet sites only for the convenience of World Wide Web users. does not endorse the content of any third-party website. is not responsible for the content of links; third-party sites, sites framed within or third-party advertisements, and do not make any representations regarding their content or accuracy. Your use of third-party websites is at your own risk.
  5. does not accept "advertorial" articles. In other words, our site does not display consumer health articles provided by companies who advertise on our site.
  6. Advertisers and sponsors may target their messages to specific health information categories within our site, but does not target advertisements to individual users on our site. In other words, we do not use personal information about you to determine which advertisements you will see when you visit our site.
  7. We do not receive commissions on purchases you may make when you leave to visit the site of a company advertising on, with the following exception: we may receive a commission under certain agreements, included with but not limited to, bookstores and publishers for the sale of books or other literary works through our web site. To date, these commissions have not been material in amount.
  8. Advertisers and sponsors also have no influence over the order of the listing of responses to a search request on our site. We do not allow advertisers or sponsors to purchase priority listings in our search engine.
  9. This advertising policy may be revised periodically .We recommend that you read our advertising policy whenever you visit our site.

Why should you advertise with us is a huge Multilanguage site in English, French and Arabic.
-We had Over 44,000,000 hits in the last year which is huge for non commercial website and proves the popularity of our website amongst people seeking information.
-We have over 1,500,000 page views monthly.
-We have over 4,000,000 hits monthly.
-We have over 130,000 hits daily.
-Over 350,000 visitors visit the site monthly from all over the world.
-Over 13000 visitors visit the site daily from all over the world.
-Our visitors are from all sections of the society.
-We constantly update the content website which ensures return visits
-Our site is family safe site.
-Our site contains and discusses different topics.
-There is a professional section dedicated to doctors.
-Our site is a free site. That is all the information is provided to visitors for free
-An award winning site.
-Our site is placed amongst the top sites in search engines. we are amongst the top five in all the Arabic search engines.
-We are open 24 hours, 365 days a year, so the advertiser can reach the audiences always.
-Our rates are very competitive.
-Our advertising policy gives the advertiser and sponsors the ability to be involved on a month -to-month basis allowing testing marketing trial periods, special events and promotions before committing themselves for long term advertisement.

Minimum Advert duration time



Banner 1 month
Skyscraper 1 month

If you agree with our conditions here are our prices and method of payment



Banner on main page 468 x 60 300 US dollars monthly
Skyscraper on main page 160 × 600 300 US dollars monthly
Banner on internal page 468 x 60 225 US dollars monthly
Skyscraper on internal page 160 × 600 225 US dollars monthly
To run ad on all main pages throughout site Add $150 per month

Page advertising
Space to allow you to present your company on the WebPages .this 'page advertising' is especially interesting for companies who don't have a website , but if you do have one of your own, links can be incorporated in the page(s). These 'presentations' are listed prominently in our classified section/site sponsors. You can buy any number of A4 pages. You deliver the file; A4-pages(s) in MS-Word format with a font size of minimum 10 points and we do the rest. Each page can contain any number of images with a maximum of 72 pixels/inch .price per A4 page= 1500 US dollar per year.

-For three months and more of Banners or buttons advertising we give 10% discount.
-Payment in advance and the period of advertisement is counted from the date it is published on the website.
-Placing the advertisement on the website is done within a week after we receive payment.
-The advertiser cannot change the advert except once in 45 days.
-Advertisement rates are subject to revision at any time and orders are accepted on condition that the price bind us on the agreed time .In the event of rate increase , the advertiser will have the option to cancel the order affected without surcharging or continue with the order at the revised advertisement rates. 

Sponsorship of our site offers you the opportunity to sponsor certain sections of the site. This includes putting advertisements on the web pages of the section in addition to putting the sponsor logo. The cost for sponsoring a section is 1500 US dollars per month.

For advertising please contact us

Please specify the place you want your advertisement to appear and the duration .We will send you details of payment.

Contact: Dr Najeeb Layyous
Tel: clinic    96265656575
Fax: 96265655293
P.O.Box 830038,Amman 11183,Jordan

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This advertising policy was last modified on February 2, 2013.


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