Sex during pregnancy

Libido in Pregnancy, best sexual practices and positions during pregnancy

1- Is having sex during pregnancy safe?
2- Dose the desire, sensation and pleasure fluctuate during pregnancy?
3-What are the most positions for sex during pregnancy?
4-What are the symptoms that require medical attention?
5-In which cases, sex should be avoided during pregnancy?
6-Can making love during pregnancy triggers abortion?
7-What are the best practices to prevent sexual transmitted diseases during pregnancy?

Is having sex during pregnancy safe?

Sexual relationship plays a very important role in couple life, either before pregnancy or after child birth, generally this sexual relationship is safe for the pregnant and the baby, as the baby is protected by the amniotic fluid, the uterus and the abdominal wall.

Dose the desire, sensation and pleasure fluctuate during pregnancy?

Some women experience a decrease in sexual desire, others an increase in sex drive and desire. Some have one advantage sexuality, while other women have little interest in sex during pregnancy.
Indeed, the cause of this variation is mainly due to the profound hormonal changes. During the first half, some women suffer from fatigue and nausea with pain in the breast, and the increased need to use the bathroom is felt that significantly reduce sexual desire. However the libido and the sensations are more voluptuous for other women during their pregnancies, because of an increase in vaginal secretions and hyper-vascularization of the genital area thus creating a sexual fulfillment. But throughout pregnancy, and with the increased size of pregnant abdomen it becomes more difficult for both partners to adopt adequate and comfortable position.

Best positions for sex during pregnancy:

In fact, any position that ensures the comfort of the women can be adapted, here are some suggestions:

1-The position of Andromache: the man on his back, the woman sits on him just to be more comfortable with less pressure on her abdomen.
2-The position of spoons: woman and man are lying on the side.

What are the symptoms that require medical attention?

1-It is quite natural to feel some contractions during and after sex, but if the problem persists for a few minutes, the doctor’s advice becomes mandatory.
2- In case of bleeding during intercourse.

Sex during pregnancy should be avoided in following cases:

1- In cases of placenta previa.
2- Pain of preterm delivery.
3- In case of vaginal bleeding.
4- Abdominal pain.
5- Laxity of the cervix.
6- Dilatation of the cervix.
7- Passage of amniotic fluid.
8- A sexually transmitted infection such as: herpes.
9- On medical advice.

Can having sex during pregnancy hurt the baby or lead to abortion?

In most cases, early miscarriages during the first trimester of pregnancy are mainly caused by chromosomal abnormalities, and it has nothing to do with sex during pregnancy. In addition, the baby is too far from the vaginal area, and is protected, and hardly be hurt.

Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases in pregnancy:

It is strongly recommended to stop all sexual contact if the partner has multiple sexual relations during the entire period of pregnancy or at least use a condom.

Last Update: 2011-09-01