Seventh Month Pregnancy - 7 months pregnant

Seventh Month Pregnancy - 7 months pregnant

 7 months pregnant (Weeks 27-30)

27 Weeks Pregnancy

- Your Baby is now 36.5 cm long and around 875 gm in weight.

- Your Baby is sleeping and waking up at regular intervals.

- Your Baby opens his eyelids.

- Brain tissue is still developing.

- Your Baby's lungs are immature but they can function with the help of a mechanical ventilator if delivered at this time.

- Your Baby has more taste buds than the adult so he can discriminate his mother’s milk.

- Your Baby's testes will descend down to the scrotum, if a boy and if a girl, the ovaries will be full of follicles.

- You may have more and more muscle cramps because of your enlarging uterus which compresses on the veins and nerves of your legs.

- You may experience symphysis pubis dysfunction which may cause you pain while walking up stairs.

- You need to think about what sort of birth you would like such as, at home, submerged water or hospital birth.

- Think about the type of pain relief you need and are comfortable with during labour. Your Doctor will need to know beforehand.

- You need to exercise in order to decrease muscle cramping.



27 Weeks Fetus
27 Weeks Fetus



28 Weeks Pregnancy


- Your Baby is 1 kg in weight, 37.5 in length.

- Your Baby can blink and eye lashes have formed.

- The brain is still growing.

- Antibodies are transferred from your blood to your Baby in order to boost the immune system.

- Liver, Brain and Lungs will have their final touches.

- Most Babies tend to have head down position in preparation for delivery but they will keep changing their position.

- You may increase in weight 5.5 kg in the last 1/3 of pregnancy.

- You need to visit your Doctor every 2 weeks.

- You may have an increase in vaginal secretion, so do not worry, but visit your Doctor if it becomes offensive or itchy.

- If your screening test for diabetes was positive, you may be offered a glucose intolerance test.

- If you have a negative blood group and your husband has positive blood group, you may be offered the first dose of anti-D.

- You need to do stretching exercises and massage your legs. Cut out caffeine consumption in order to get rid of restless leg syndrome.

- If you feel any breast lump, do not ignore it. Visit your Doctor to check it immediately.



28 Weeks Fetus

28 Weeks Fetus

28 Weeks Fetus

28 Weeks Fetus



29 Weeks Pregnancy


- Your Baby is 38.5 cm in length, his weight 1.15kg.

- Your Baby's head is growing larger in order to accommodate the growing brain which will control body temperature, and can detect rhythmic breathing.

- Your Baby's adrenal glands will produce oestriol which stimulates prolactin production and consequently stimulates milk production.

- You may feel more movements some days more than others because your Baby is like you, more energetic at certain times.

- Your Baby's lanugos hair that covers the body, will disappear shortly before birth.

- You need to eat a high protein diet, full of vitamins, folic acid, iron and calcium (calcium is found in milk, cheese, yogurt and enriched orange juice).

- You may experience heartburn and constipation. Stay with a high fiber diet and include plenty of water.

- You may experience hemorrhoids. If they become painful do a sitz bath but do not take any medication before consulting your Doctor.

- Do not lie flat on your back as this may make you feel dizzy.

- Avoid wearing contact lenses as your eyes may become dry.

- Stretching exercises will help you in relieving stress.

29 Weeks Fetus

29 Weeks Fetus

29 Weeks Fetus

29 Weeks Fetus


30 Weeks Pregnancy


- Your Baby is 40 cm in length, 1.4 kg in weight.

- White fat cells are forming under the skin.

- Your Baby’s sleep and waking cycle are well developed but they may not coincide with yours.

- Although the 5 senses are functioning, your Baby can only see object close to the face.

- You may feel tired by this time of pregnancy, also your ligaments may be more loose, causing your feet to spread. You may need to buy new, more comfortable shoes. Do not worry. You will return to your normal size, shortly after birth.

- Your mood swings may reappear again so try to take a warm bath and drink milk before bed time to make you feel more relaxed, comfortable.

- You may experience Braxton hick’s contractions.

30 Weeks Fetus

30 Weeks Fetus

30 Weeks Fetus

30 Weeks Fetus