Fourth-month-pregnancy - 4 months pregnant

Fourth Month Pregnancy - 4 months pregnant

4 months pregnant (Weeks 14-17)

14 Weeks Pregnancy


-Your baby is 9cm long and 1.5 ounces in weight.

-The fingerprints are developed by this time. And your chlid will start kicking, squinting, frowning and sucking the thumb.

-The Lanugo starts to grow to provide extra warmth.

-Kidneys start to produce urine and the bladder will be filled and emptied every half an hour, and though urine will not be concentrated, due to in ability of the kidney to reabsorb water.

-The pancreas starts to develop, and produce hormones.

-Liver starts to secrete bile; spleen starts to produce red blood cells.

-Placenta will provide all the nourishment to your fetus.

-Your belly will be pushed up.

-Your nasal passage will be swollen so you may notice snoring,

Your blood volume increases and your blood vessels may become fragile and you may notice minimal nose bleed but if it becomes regular and heavy you should inform your doctor.

-You may notice that your breast veins become dilated, your aureoles more darkened and growing in diameter.

-You need to concentrate on protein in your diet in order to provide your baby with amino acids which are needed to build up muscles and organs you can find these in meat, cheese, milk, seeds and nuts. 

14 Weeks Fetus
14 Weeks Fetus


15 Weeks Pregnancy

-Your baby is now 10cm long and 75gm in weight.

-The legs grow longer than his arms, and he is wriggling in the amniotic fluid.

-The child now breathes in this fluid in order to help in developing the air sacs of his lungs.

-The facial muscles will start to frown and grimace.

-Although the eyelids are still fused, the eyes can sense light.

-The ears develop, and the child can hear you so you can talk to your baby.

-Now you may know the sex of your baby, depending on the position.

-The intestines continue their journey into the baby’s body.

-Your pregnancy symptoms may disappear by this week, so don’t be worried.

-Your weight may increase by 5 pounds.

-There may be a line in the middle of your belly which is called lina nigra which will fade after delivery.

-Enjoy this trimester because you will feel more energetic and fatigue will return again in the 3rd trimester.

-Omega-3 is good for your baby’s development and his IQ. You can find this in fish, walnuts, omega-3 enhanced eggs.

-You can exercise safely but avoid horse riding, mountain biking, and skiing.


15 Weeks Fetus
15 Weeks Fetus


16 Weeks Pregnancy

-Your baby is 12cm length and 100gm in weight.

-The eyes and ears are near to reaching their correct position.

-The eye brows, lashes and hair start to form, also the toenails.

-You may feel tiny movements of your baby, the baby may grasp the umbilical cord with the newly formed hands, if the placenta is located near the interior, it may act as a cushion, and you may not feel these movements, so do not be worried.

-Your uterus now is located halfway between pubic bone and umbilicus.

-Your hair and skin are well nourished, and you are glowing.

-Try to limit the use of saunas, and tanning beds because they increase your temperature, and can harm the developing fetus.


16 Weeks Fetus
16 Weeks Fetus

17 Weeks Pregnancy

-Your baby is now 13-14cm in length, and is growing rapidly.

-The weight is about 5 ounces.

-The skeleton is hardening from cartilage to bone.

-Brown fat starts to accumulate, and it has an important role in heat regulation.

-The skin is still transparent and thin. You may feel a little off balance, so be careful, wear low heal, comfortable shoes.

-When traveling in a car, keep the lower strap of the seat belt below your belly.

-Your eyes may feel dry, so try to use eye drops, avoid wearing contact lenses for long periods.

-You may experience constipation due to the effect of progesterone, which will slow down your bowel movements.

-It’s time to start pelvic floor exercises.

-Hydrate well, exercise gently in order to relieve stress.


17 Weeks Fetus

17 Weeks Fetus

17 Weeks Fetus

17 Weeks Fetus

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