First Month Pregnancy - 1 month pregnant

First Month Pregnancy - 1 month pregnant

1 month pregnant (Weeks 1-4)

1 Week Pregnancy

- You may not feel that you are pregnantMagnified Expanded Blastocyst with clear Inner Cell Mass

- Millions of sperm are inside your fallopian tubes where they meet the oocyte and then fertilization occurs. Then, the fertilized ovum will produce a zygote which will divides as it is moving down to the uterus where implantation occurs often 6 day after fertilization, at this time the zygote will form the blastocyst reaching 0.1-0.2 mm in diameter.

- This zygote is producing early pregnancy protein which is an immunosuppressant which prevents rejection of the embryo by your body.

- You won’t have nausea, nor vomiting but, you may notice increased your basal body temperature beyond day 16 (post ovulation).

2 Weeks Pregnancy

- You may see some vaginal spotting as the zygote implants into the uterine wall.


- The blastocyst is consisted from the amniotic cavity (yolk sac) and the embryo.

- The yolk sac is responsible for nourishment of the embryo until the placenta is well formed in order to continue nourishment of the embryo but this will occur after another 8 weeks.

- The umbilical cord will start to form and function partly.

- The mother will start to feel more tired; her breast will become engorged and may experience frequent urination.

- At this time your body will start to produce beta human chorionic .gonadotrophin (B-HCG) which will induce estrogen and progesterone production.

- Try to avoid alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, stress and try to get enough sleep.

- Have appointment with your doctor to confirm pregnancy.

3 Weeks Pregnancy

- By this time your baby is like a poppy seed in size surrounded by an amniotic sac and fluid which protects your baby. Your baby is composed of three germ layers: ectoderm, endoderm mesoderm which will form the nervous system, brain, stomach, inner organs, bones of your baby.

- By ultra sound you will see intrauterine sac.

- Your baby looks like a pear inside sac where the rounded part of the pear will become the head and the pointed part will be the spine you may notice a beating heart inside this pear.

- Your belly will be the same size as pre-pregnancy, but you may experience some fatigue, breast engorgement, frequent urination which will fade up by time, so don’t be worried.

- Your diet should have increased calcium content because your baby is using calcium for his growing bones and you need to start on folic acid.

-If you had lactose intolerance, or you are vegetarians or had twins, you need to take prenatal vitamins.

4 Weeks Pregnancy

- By this time your baby looks like an alien, and the larynx, internal ear, and eye lens are already formed, although you may not recognize them. Also, little limb buds will form the arms, elbows fingers, legs, toes. The tail of this creature will form the spinal cord of your baby.

- During this week, your symptoms will increase, so you will start to complain of more morning sickness because your body will produce more estrogen and progesterone which will affect your gastro intestinal tract by decreasing its motility and gastric emptying is also prolonged.

- If you visit your doctor by this time, you will be weighed and your obstetric and medical history will be taken, blood test is ordered. (Complete blood count, blood random blood sugar, urine analysis).

- You should start Folic acid, and a nutritional and lifestyle advice is given for you.

Last Update: 2011-09-01