Post Pregnancy Diet

Post Pregnancy Diet

Every mother feels the need for a post pregnancy diet soon after giving birth.

However, it is not right to rush things until 6 weeks after the pregnancy. Give it time before getting into a diet routine. It is simple if you focus, eat right, and be disciplined throughout. There is a lot of conflicting advice on what you should have or shouldn’t while breastfeeding. So instead of trying too hard to understand every detail, remember that it’s the small things that contribute to the post pregnancy diet difference.


Your post pregnancy diet isn’t only about food but other aspects too. To maintain the body and continue to be healthy while losing weight, here are some ways that could benefit. A good plan to follow post pregnancy to shed the extra pounds would be:


Post Pregnancy Measures

Exercise Everyday

It is essential to have a routine of physical activity included in your daily lives.

A walk in the park or an hour at the gym can both be fruitful ways of sweating out the unwanted toxins of the body. Start off small and try to make it better with every passing day. Exercise would also release a rush in the body, that is nothing short of an adrenaline rush.


Yoga or Pilates

Yoga is an effective way to combat stress and make you feel comfortable at all times. It not only stresses on the well being of the mind but also gives equal results to the physical stature. Pilates can help in bringing back the body to its toned manner, while shedding weight as well as tightening the skin.


Do Not Skip Any Meal

This is the biggest fad about losing weight - to skip meals. Do not ever skip a meal, instead have small portions of meals. Skipping meals confuses the stomach and disrupts the metabolism, causing it to become slower. Eat more number of meals in lesser quantities, as this helps in keeping the metabolism active throughout the day as well as reduce the intake of calories that go into your stomach. Breakfast, being the most important meal of the day cannot be skipped. If eaten regularly, it can help in avoiding being famished and gives energy to survive for the rest of the day.


Indulge In Fruits All Day

Portable and nutritious, fruits are a great deal of energy to bank on. Citrus fruits are great for post-pregnancy as they require a great deal of Vitamin C for nourishment. Rather than fatty foods for energy during the day, try to eat as many fruits as possible. Also, try to mostly have fruits that do not increase the heat inside the body and citrus fruits are a big thumbs up in this category.


Increase the Intake Of Milk or Curd

The intake of milk and curd needs to maximize post pregnancy for an increase in calcium in the body. This gives a good balance of nutrients to the mother. All diary products should be consumed such as yogurt, curd, milk etc.


Eat Almonds In Snack Period

Almonds are a rich source of protein and calcium and enrich the health aspects of a nursing mother. Eating almonds as snacks even during pregnancy enhances the growth of the new born. Avoid deep fried snacks in between and instead opt for almonds. Be sure not to have too many almonds too, limit it to 5-8 per day.


Let Your Meals Flow With Green Vegetables

It is no surprise that green vegetables are included here. Green vegetables are a great source of iron, as it helps the body to recuperate. Try to eat every seasonal green vegetable during its season and you will benefit from it. Sprouts are an ideal go-to food for intake on a daily basis.


Avoid Sweet Foods

Like the well-learned say, ‘Sugar is white poison’. Try to keep your sugar intake to as minimum as possible. Sweets only satisfy hunger in a way to make you feel more hungry, and the contribution to healthy fats is insignificant. Post pregnancy, it is best to avoid extremely sweet, salty or spicy foods in order to let the body go through a smooth metabolism.

So don’t rush into things; take it slow while keeping all the above tips in mind. Your post pregnancy diet will turn out to be better than you expect.

Have you tried any other way that made you shed your post-pregnancy weight and regain your original nature in the healthiest manner? If yes, do let us know if it isn’t mentioned already.

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Stay beautiful and healthy! Take care.


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