What you should do before and after surgery

What you should do before and after surgery
Instructions for patients who are scheduled for surgery

-Please do not eat, and drink from midnight before the operation.

-If you are taking any medications like Aspirin, you should stop it at least five days prior to operation.

-Anti- hypertensive medications should be taken early morning at same day of operation with sips of water.

-Shave the genital area one day before operation.

-Please come to the hospital two hours before operation, so you can prepare admission papers, and nursing staff could prepare you well, and take off jewelry, your hand watch, and remove nail polish before leaving home.

-If the surgery includes abdominal incision, the nursing staff will catheterize your bladder.

-Nursing staff will give you Antibiotics to minimize the risk for infection, and pain killers will be given as needed.

-Please inform the nursing staff, if you have an allergy to any type of medication.

-After surgery you should do the following:

1- Try to drink a lot of water daily.

2- Avoid setting in hot tubs; you can only take showers all time, water to contact with the incision area.

3- Don’t take Aspirin or vitamin E for five days after operation.

4- Commit to take all drugs that the doctor has described.

5- Avoid heavy lifting and standing for long time, and avoid squat position.

6- Avoid exercises through the whole month after operation, you're not allowed to have intercourse after the operation for a period of time decided according to the type of the operation.