Natural Fertility Boosters Herbal supplements For Infertility

Natural Supplements For Infertility

Numerous pharmaceutical companies are spending millions trying to come up with the next pill and fertility clinics are doing their best trying to treat couples of infertility with synthetic hormones and drugs.

Researches have shown that fertility depend on lifestyle and dietary factors as well as habits and exposure to toxins and in many cases making few simple changes can address problems like infertility.

Here are some of natural ways and supplements to increase fertility:

Herbal supplements For Infertility

Herbs are all natural and much less expensive than other medical fertility treatment but you have to consult your doctor because, despite of being natural herbs, they can interact adversely with medication or other herbs and may pose a risk to your unborn child if you become pregnant.

1. Fertility blend:

It contains chaste berry (an herb thought to improve ovulation and hormonal imbalance), L arginine (amino acids, green tea and some of vitamins and minerals.

Note: Be sure to check with your doctor because some of herbs, chaste berry in particular are contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation.

2. Red Raspberry:

Their leaves help in many ways:
a. They build endometrium that increase the chance of fertilized egg implantation
b. They relief the uterus and ease cramps 

3. Licorice:

a. It has estrogen like effect so it helps to regulate menstruation
b. It can boost immunity thus prepare the body for conception

Note: Licorice can increase blood pressure and decrease potassium so it is contraindicated for any one with high blood pressure, kidney disease, heart disease, or with history of stroke.

4. Wild yam:

It is found in North America and it helps to prevent miscarriages occurred by hormonal imbalance because it contains natural estrogen properties.

• Healthy diet:

Avoiding alcohol, coffee and red meat while increasing consumption of vegetables fruits and whole grains has been shown to improve fertility

• Regular exercise:

It increases energy and reduces stress to balance hormonal level in body.

• Multivitamins:

It is important to choose product of high quality and absorbable by the body 

• Whole food supplements:

Corolla, Spirulina and sea weeds are natural and highly bioavailable sources that contribute to fertility.

• Omega 3:

Contained in Salmon, Halibut, Eel and fish in general in addition to nuts and seeds considered the main source of important oils that support fertility.

• Shilajit:

Substance from India found in rocky regions of Himalaya, known as one of the most potent Indian herbal remedies and is equally effective for men and women who are trying to conceive a child.

Last Update: 2011-09-01