Weight Loss Supplements for Women

Weight Loss Supplements for Women

There are few natural supplements proven clinically that a person can consume to help you getting quicker results for weight loss objectives.

You can eat reasonable portions and have some exercises to drop pounds, but you have to eat a right combination of food that will shift your body from fat storage made into fat melting mode. People tend to try faster ways to reduce fat like taking diet supplements, but many supplements lack credible result, and in some cases have side effects.


Calcium consumption is helpful during weight loss. It is stored in fat cells and helps fat to be burned. Calcium also binds to fat in GI tract to prevent some of fat absorption. Research shows that women who take 1000 mg of calcium per day lose more weight than those women who take placebo.

Vitamin D :

Vitamin D helps decreasing Weight by many ways:

  • A- It increases insulin sensitivity (insulin is a hormone secreted from pancreas to help glucose to get into body cells and burn it for energy)

    B- It maintains the normal level of (PTH), as the higher than normal level of PTH can lead to fat cells converting sugar into fat and when level of vit D are low PTH rises.

    C- Lack of vitamin D also interferes with leptin that signals your brain to stop eating

Protein:Weight Loss

It preserves muscle mass and helps to keep body composition (The amount of fat relative to muscle) in better proportion.

Omega 3:

It triggers, fat burning in cells and it boosts mood that will reduce emotional eating and it activates liptin that turn down appetite.

Monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAS).

MUFA is a type of fat found in olive oil, nuts, seeds, avocado, peanut butter and chocolate and it improves a 24 hours caloric burning.

Conjugated linoleic acid CLA.

CLAs are potent fat burners created when bacteria ferments the food in stomach of cow, sheep and then makes its way into meat and milk of these animal and it helps blood glucose enter body cells so CLA can be burned for energy.


Research on CLA has showed some side effect. For example, blood tests that follow inflammation can be higher for those taking CL A, and it may adversely effects cholesterol levels and liver tests.

Green teaChanging the Foods and drinks to help relief weight loss

It’s loaded with antioxidants (poly phenols) that have multiple benefits, it increases metabolic rate helping body to burn more fat, and that’s why when you drink green tea your body will heat up as your cells waste calories as heat.

Green tea also reduces amount of belly fat linked to increase risk of death and it lowers blood pressure and LDL (The bad cholesterol) at the same time.


It’s rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, fatty acid, and fibers, and so it makes an excellent diet supplement and there is evidence that it can help you to lose weight as part of balanced diet and regular exercise regimen.


Fiber like bran or psyllium can delay gastric empting and stay in stomach longer period of time. But be sure to add fiber to your diet slowly and drink plenty of fluid to avoid becoming constipated

Last Update: 2011-09-01