Questions Related to sexual Topics

Questions Related to sexual Topics

Q: Does frequent Masturbation reduces sperm count and affects its movement and activity?
Is it related to premature ejaculation?

A: Masturbation doesn’t affect sperm count and it’s not related to premature ejaculation, on the contrary it leads to a delay in ejaculation.


Q: Does low body weight and loss of appetite affect the production of active sperms?


A: Yes, physical weakness and low body weight affect active sperm production.


Q: What is the difference between viscous and liquid semen, and is this difference related to the activity of the sperms and its future fertilization ability? I am a 29 year old, smoker, and not married.

A: Regarding semen viscosity, you can’t differentiate it, only the lab technician can evaluate the viscosity. Viscosity affects sperm movement not sperm count.


Q: I’m recently married Guy (6months) till now no penetration for the hymen, although I have excellent testicular size, good erection of the penis but during intercourse there is rapid ejaculation. I took Viagra several times but without any benefit?

A: I hope that it is not due to a psychological factor or your wife abstinence. understanding between the couple’s and the presence of passion and love all are important factors in the completion of intercourse, but we advise you to take Haldol 1mg two hours before intercourse in addition to Viagra and try another time, if you couldn’t, you have to take your wife to a gynecologist for consultation and possible surgical penetration for the hymen, which is an easy procedure with no complications and things will be better after that.


Q: I am 25year old and addicted to masturbation since I was 18years old:
1- Does masturbation affect fertilization when I get married?
2- Ejaculation happens rapidly, does this mean that I have sexual weakness, if the answer is yes how I can treat this condition and what is your advice for me?

A: Masturbation has no effect on fertilization ability.
Rapid ejaculation doesn’t indicate sexual weakness, and there is a treatment for this condition after examining you.


Q:  Most of the times I feel that the head of the penis is not hard enough as I want, what is the cause of this laxity and is there a treatment to have a better erection, although sometimes I feel that it is hard enough, but within few seconds it becomes lax, in another words I feel that sex sucks, does this means that I have decrease libido (sexual desire)?

A:  Normally laxity follows sexual stimulation, only organic cause’s needs treatment but according to your description, your condition is not due to organic causes but mostly due to psychological causes, and what you feel doesn’t mean that you have decrease libido these are natural things that many guys might feel sometimes.


Q: I am married for three months, can you please answer my questions because your collogues at Tunis don’t want me to ask these questions especially that I am recently married, in each cycle of my wife’s cycles, my wife suffers from the same symptoms one week after the day of ovulation, she feels dizziness, nausea and mood disturbances especially that our sexual performance is frequent at the time of fertilization because we are trying to achieve pregnancy.
And this continues for two weeks till her period comes, and we all feel frustrated after we have thought that she was pregnant, my wife didn’t have these symptoms before marriage.
Dear doctor, is it possible that fertilization happened but implantation didn’t?
Does frequent sexual intercourse at the time of possible implantation especially if my wife reaches orgasm several times? Can these cases be noticed directly or few days after fertilization?
Dear doctor I desperately need accurate and conclusive answer, to enrich my humbled information which was nothing before reading your articles and books, with our appreciation for your great achievements?

A: That is a possibility, sexual intercourse and reaching orgasm at the time of ovulation doesn’t affect implantation.My advice for you is to let things go through its natural process, no need to be so much worried and tense especially that you are recently married; usually pregnancy symptoms are felt after missing her period and not after ovulation.



Q:  I would like to consult you about something that has been so much worrying for me since childhood, I am 36year old now, I will get married after one month sometimes I feel the scrotum empty and redundant, but this is occasional and not frequent and I don’t feel any pain or fatique, and erection is normal, but ejaculation is not much?

A:  You should be examined by urologist or infertility specialist to check your testicular size.


Q:  I am married for three months and I have lost my sexual desire during the last three days, which was associated with failure to achieve erection when I tried to have intercourse with my wife, later on I found that I have sever congestion in the prostate please can you tell me what is the best way and what is your medical advice to treat this condition, and if possible can you give me the best antibiotic for this condition, because it is really affecting me and my wife psychologically?

A:  It is better for you to be examined first by urologist or a gynecologist and infertility specialist before any drug prescription.


Q:  10- I have a problem that I am so hesitant and afraid to tell anyone about, I feel that my penis is too short, during its normal status its front is embedded inside, during erection it elongates but still short, does this mean that I can’t have children when I get married?

A:  Penile length has no relation to fertility ability, and you can do seminal fluid analysis to be sure that you are fine.


Q:  I am 18years old, I have whitish mucous discharge coming through the vaginal orifice continuously except during my cycle, which is regular every 28days and lasting for 7days, this discharge is odorless, and my vaginal orifice is so small, its diameter is like a lentil, please can you answer me quickly because I am in a really difficult psychological condition with all my appreciation?

A:  These are natural secretions as long as it is odorless and not associated with itching and regarding vaginal orifice this is normal.


Q:  I’m suffering from my penis length it is around 11cm in length during erection with a small diameter I did some investigations in Al-Riad it showed normal sperm count and motility, I don’t have diabetes I only had a small increase in prolactin hormonal level and I took treatment for that the specialist who examined me offered two solutions for that, either surgical operation with a cost of 22000SR, this operation can increase the length by 3-5cm and its diameter by 2-3cm or to use a small device for 3months 2-4 hours/day, this can help to increase the length 1.5cm and the diameter 1cm I asked the doctor about the side effects for the surgery he said that it has no side effects, and thousands of surgeries done with a good success rate but I read an article at your web site that it has side effects because it is a sensitive area especially the nerves supplying the area are mostly affected and it is advised not to do the surgery I am so much confused, knowing that I’m overweight (I have around 35kg excess weight) with fat disposition at the genital area and obvious obesity at the thighs?


A:  My advice for you is to start physical exercises to decrease your weight, and not to do the surgery especially that you have a natural erection and normal seminal fluid analysis.
There are several medical products, but for now there is no scientific proof and I can’t judge on these products before we get scientifically proved results.

Q: What are the consequences or harm that may result from sexual intercourse in the last day of cycle, this was unintentional, I thought that it was finished but after intercourse I discovered that it did not is there a possibility to have any disease from this?

A:  no need to be worried there is not any harm from this.


Q:  Unfortunately I have been doing masturbation for awhile, I tried so many times to stop doing that I think I will eventually, but I have a question for you please, I am a21year old female and your answer will definitely help me to get rid from this habit, I did masturbation superficially i.e. on the clitoris and I didn’t come close to any orifice, can this affect my hymen knowing that I don’t use any objects or try to insert anything even my finger, no bleeding has ever happened except for some viscous secretions, but one time I thought that my period has finished (which is normally 3-6days) this time I noticed after 4days that bleeding stopped unfortunately I did masturbation, in the middle of the fifth day of cycle, it was completely superficial as usual, but 15-30minute after that I noticed some bleeding just as period.
My question is, does masturbation in this way or during cycle harm the hymen, knowing that I never use any objects or even my finger, please help me and reassure me please?

A: No, as long as masturbation is done superficially, no harm for your hymen and this blood is remnants from your period.

Q: When does the hymen form before puberty or after? Can it regenerate after being torn? How can the woman check on her virginity?

A: The hymen is part of the female genital tract which starts formation during intrauterine fetal period, and it doesn’t regenerate after being torn, a specialist doctor can examine the patient just by having a look at the hymen and check on its condition.


Q: The size of my genitalia is a major problem for me resulting in a psychological distress and persistent concern, my penis length at erection is 13cm and its diameter is 10.5cm, after relaxation its length is 5cm and very small diameter?

A: These measurements are considered less than normal, there are special exercises to elongate and enlarge the penis, you can see these exercises at my web site, you can also increase your intake from certain food supplements that can help, this length doesn’t mean weak sexual ability but you can do seminal fluid analysis to be sure.


Q: How can the strength of erection for normal sexual intercourse be checked, and if it is not enough what is the best treatment for that? Is there certain size for the penis in order to be able to enjoy sexual intercourse? If yes what is the best size (not length)?

A: The size of the penis differs from one person to another and if there is weakness in erection, it will be obvious because mostly it is partial, and there are certain medications to improve erection such as some vitamins and Levitra.


Q: Most of the time the seminal fluid comes out from the vagina after intercourse, is this normal? Or it can reduce the chances of pregnancy?

A: It is considered normal that some of the semen comes out; you can put your legs in apposition like a scissor after sexual intercourse and stay on your back for 10minutes after intercourse to increase the time for the semen inside the vagina if there is a delay in pregnancy you should be examined for other possible causes.


Q: Does sexual enjoyment for the women depends on the clitoris or the entrance of the penis to the vagina? And at what time the woman feels orgasm?

A: Sexual enjoyment can happen by the stimulation of the clitoris or stimulation of certain point at the wall of the vagina which happen with the penetration of the penis.


Q: How can the girl know that she is a virgin, knowing that while doing masturbation I insert my finger inside the vagina but there is no bleeding?

A: Sorry, we can’t know that unless by examining the hymen, and check its integrity by a specialist in forensic medicine.


Q: I am 18 years old, I saw A TV interview with a famous doctor, he talked about the penis and how to increase its size, he said that if the guy is 21 year old and the penis size is small, there is a hormone responsible for penile growth, and it can be prescribed to compensate its deficiency what is this hormone?

A: There are certain exercises to enlarge the penis and improve its size you can see these exercises at my web site, and I don’t advice using any hormones because it may have a reverse effect resulting in a delay in fertility.

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