G spot – Amplification of the G spot

G spot – Amplification of the G spot

Described as a part of the female genital tract.Amplification of the G spot

It is thought to be located on the anterior vaginal wall, 5-7 cm from the vaginal opening.

It’s a group of deep nerve fibers given the irregular texture similar to the area of the upper jaw.

Some theories say that this area is an extension of the clitoris, or part of the female prostate and considered as one of the most stimulating areas in women which helps the woman to reach orgasm similar to the clitoris.

50 % of the studies indicated that women could reach orgasm through the G spot.

G spot increases in size during excitement and become coarser due to increase blood flow to the area as what happens during erection in the male. This could lead to ejaculation in female.

What is the nature of female ejaculation, and does it happen at the same time for all women?

It is the ejaculation of secretion from the urethra but not urine, during sexual arousal or orgasm. It can be described as white or transparent odorless fluid that contain fructose and glucose .usually it comes from network of small glands and Channels called skenes paraurethral glands which correspond to the prostate gland in men.Amplification of the G spot

Ejaculation dose not happen the same way in all women.

Usually it is very small amount of secretion and a feeling of urgency to pass urine.

Another function of the G spot is to minimize the labour pain.

it’s more than one spot in the upper surface of the vagina.

Causes of G spot weakness?

The most common cause is the weakness and relaxation of the vaginal tissue which lead to decreased response during sexual stimulation.

Augmentation of the G spot

It’s to performed in order to increase sexual stimulation and pleasure, and is done by using a fine needle, as an outpatient procedure without using anesthesia or by using local anesthesia  in multiple places in the anterior vaginal wall.

The procedure needs from 10- to 30 minutes; you can return back to your normal life on the same day .and you can sense the difference in the same day.Amplification of the G spot


Purpose of augmentation of G spot?

It’s to enhance the enjoyment during sex and hopefully achieve orgasm.

*this procedure is done by injecting collagen substance (hyaluronan) such as the that found in the skin. Re-injection can be done every 4-6 months, the same idea of removing facial wrinkles by collagen injections.

* The operation is not specific to age and the results vary from one woman to another.

One of wrong beliefs of men is that deep penetration into the vagina leads to orgasm and ejaculation in female. Thinking that G- spot is located deep inside the vagina is wrong. The sensory nerves are located in the first 5-7 cm from the vagina opening in the upper part of the vagina.

What is the side effect of the procedure?

It is simple procedure which is done in the clinic under local anesthesia.

-sometime irritation of the area and allergic reaction occur.

- Mild urinary tract infection.

Risks from using such material?

The material used does not contain any hormones or toxins and does not affect the reproductive capacity or have any harm on the overall health or any long term side effect.Amplification of the G spot

The aim is only to increase the size of G-spot and to increase the sensation in it.

Preparing for the procedure:

1- Start by consulting your doctor and discussing details of the procedure.

2- You have to identify the map of your body well in order that you lead your physician to the most sensitive area.

3- You have to be comfortable with localization of the G-spot.

4- In the examination room you will be put in an appropriate position. Then by special speculum location of the G-spot is determined, then the collagen product will be injected, and after 4 hours you can return back to your normal life.

Last Update: 2011-09-01