Preparations For Delivery

Preparations For Delivery - How to prepare your Delivery bag

- After a while you will have the chance to meet your baby, so how would you prepare for this day:

1- Put a plan in cases of emergency:

  • - Your husband’s mobile.

    - The hospital phone.

    - Your relative’s phone.

    - The phone of the person who will help you during your stay in the hospital and afterwards.

    - Police emergency phone.

2- Arrange someone to help you after discharge and take care of your house and mail while you are in the hospital.

3- Be sure that you have the proper hospital address.

4- Arrange how you will be transported to the hospital in case your family are away.

5- Make a list for your husband to follow when you are in the hospital, admission, paying bills etc.

6- Take with you shower gel, hair shampoo.

Before you go to the hospital:

1- Take a warm bath.
2- Shave your pubic hair.
3- Remove any Jewelry.
4- Don’t forget your obstetric card.
5- Empty the bladder, and have rectal enema.
6- Prepare your bag that you will carry to the hospital, once you are in the 8th month, and tell the family about its place.

Suggestion for the delivery bag:

1- Identification card, insurance card, Family document.
2- Your delivery plan.
3- Your glasses if you wear once.
4- Tooth brush and tooth paste.
5- Lipstick.
6- Deodorant.
7- Hair brush.
8- Your makeup tools.
9- Hair clip.
10- Hair shampoo, body shampoo, body lotion, (some hospital provides these material, but you may prefer to bring your own shampoo).
11- Hair dryer, your own towel.
12- Bathrobe, night gown (try to bring a pajama that makes it easy for you to lactate your baby), slippers, socks, underwear, breastfeeding bra and sanitary napkins.
13- Nipples balm.
14- Wet napkin.
15- Anything that helps you to relax as your own pillow, music, books.
16- Going home clothes and its shoes.
17- Camera and its batteries (be sure it is fully charged in order to record the first moment in your child's life.
18- A phone number list of your friends and family, who you want to inform them that you gave birth.
19- A bottle of water so that you can drink small amount of water during labour.
20- High calorie foods as bananas, chocolate and biscuits in order to eat after delivery.

Baby's bag:

1- 3 pajamas hat and socks.
2- Going home clothes.
3- Car seat.
4- Diaper.
5- Nail scissor in order not to hurt himself.

You also should bring some stuff for your husband, if he will stay with you in the hospital:

1- Shaving tools, shampoo, soap, bathrobe.
2- Snacks.
3- Books.
4- Money.

Wish you and your baby a happy wonderful experience.

Last Update: 2011-09-01