Physiological Selection of sperm for ICSI (PICSI)

Physiological Selection of sperm for ICSI  ( PICSI )

Is a new method to assess the strength and quality of the sperm?

The traditional ways to check the good sperms depends on the appearance and the motility of sperms, this new method assesses the function of the sperms.

PICSI assess the ability of sperms to attach to the protein Hyaluranon,

Hyaluranon is a material that normally present on the external surface of the eggs and aids in attachment between sperms and egg that happens usually before fertilization of eggs, if the sperm is able to attach well to hyaluranon then it is good functioning, strong and mature sperm.

That will result in a good quality embryos  and increase in pregnancy rate by 20 %.

Studies show no harm from using this technique. 


PICSI recommended to be used in these cases:

  • Old maternal age more than 38 years old.
  • History of recurrent abortions.
  • Poor quality embryos.
  • Recurrent IVF failure.
  • Failure of fertilization.
  • Failure of division.
  • Poor quality sperms, morphology and motility.
  • Sperms that were frozen before.


If sperms were aspirated from testes, by TESA and TESE, this technique cannot be done unless the sperm moves by treating it after aspiration.




Last Update: 2011-09-01