Intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm Injection IMSI

Intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm Injection IMSI - and how it improves ICSI results

It was found that only 4.75 percent of spermatozoa are normal. Because we hope to give you the highest rates of success, we try to achieve the best-quality Embryos.

A new breakthrough in treating infertility caused by male factor, IMSI is a new vision. Which involves careful selection of the best-quality sperm after magnifying them 6600-8000 times. In conventional procedure of ICSI, sperms are selected by an increase of 200-400 times that can roughly estimate the morphological characteristics of sperm.


IMSI Magnification



Examining the sperm at high magnification (6600-8000x) shows defects in sperm heads, shapes and sizes and any sperm abnormalities associated with high DNA fragmentation that cannot be seen in conventional microscopes used for ICSI, only the best morphological sperms will be micro-injected into the eggs, which would lead to higher pregnancy success.



Normal shape Normal shape

Sperm with vacuoles Sperm with vacuoles



So it might take our expert 2.5 hours from the embryologist to select the best sperms, to give you the best chance for success.

Sperm quality is based on the (Vanderzwalmen standard) which states that when a sperm has good morphology, it is more likely to have normal chromosomes and fewer fragmented DNA, which plays a significant role in determining embryo quality implantation and growth.



Vanderzwalmen standard

Mitochondrial function, chromatin structure and lower aneuploidy rates, are better in the selected sperms which will increase the chance of having a healthy normal child following IMSI treatment  as compared to conventional ICSI.

Normally shaped nuclei (Smooth, symmetric, oval), depending on these defined by scanning electron microscope, which based on:

-high-power microscopy

-single cell examination

-Observation of only motile sperm cells

-fine organelle morphology

In IMSI, we achieve:

- lower number arrested embryo that will cause cycle arrest

- Higher pregnancy rate and higher implantation

- Increase the rate of successful pregnancy, better embryo development in couples with male infertility less poor embryo development

- Lower rates of arrested embryos following prolonged 5 days culture in previous ICSI

- Higher rates in case of repeated failures in ICSI

- Improved outcomes for patients with male infertility and high Teratozoospermia, ie, an increase in the number of abnormal forms of spermatozoa.

IMSI Video - Do you know what IMSI is? 


IMSI Video - Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection


Last Update: 2011-09-01