In Vitro Fertilization Patients Frequently Asked Questions

In Vitro Fertilization - I.V.F Patients Frequently Asked Questions

1 - How to make an appointment to start the IVF program? Is there waiting list?

Without waiting simply call us at phone No: +9626565575.

2 - What is the best time to start the management program, and the best time of the first visit?

You can visit us at any time for a general evaluation and choose a suitable program for yourself. The best time for starting the ovulation induction program is the second day of your menstrual cycle.

3 - Shall we stay in Jordan all through the program, and / or when can we leave?

If the evaluation is done beforehand and an injection program has been given to you, you can return home. You will need to return to evaluate your response on Day 5 or 6 of your cycle. Then you will need another 10 days for completing the egg retrieval and embryo transfer. In total, you need around 20 days from the second day of your cycle.

4 - Does the procedure need general anesthesia and hospitalization?

Egg retrieval is done under general anesthesia, and in rare conditions under local anesthesia. It is an outpatient procedure. Embryo transfer is usually done without anesthesia.

5 - After embryo transfer, do we need complete bed rest? What about sexual intercourse?

Embryo transfer does not interfere with your daily activity. We advise not to have intercourse for at least one week after the procedure.

6 - Does the husband needed to be available all through the program?

The husband is needed only on one day, the day of pickup to give semen, unless he needs TESA or TESE under general anesthesia. If this is the situation, we need him one day before.

7 - What does the procedure cost?

ICSI 1600 JD = 2260 US$ including assisted hatching

This does not include the cost of medication.

TESA 300JD = 424 US$. TESE 580JD = 820 US$. Micro-TESE 900JD= 1272 US$

8 - What can we do if we have too many embryos?

We can freeze the extra embryos for the next trial or embryo transfer.

9 - Is their a warranty for success? And what are the percentages of success?

The success rate is not 100%. The rate of success depends on many factors like the quality of embryos and Number of them. There are also factors with the semen.

10 - Is it possible to cancel the program?

Many factors may play a role which lead to cancelling the program like:

- If there is no response for ovulation induction.

- Weak response.

- Bad quality of eggs which lead to fertilization failure.

- No division development after fertilization.

- Ovarian hyperstimulation.

11 - Are there any side effects due to using ovulation induction?

Those side effects are mainly due to ovarian hyperstimulation, which are:

- Abdominal distension, heaviness and abdominal pain.

- Nausea and vomiting with stomach ache.

In the case of shortness of breath or fluid accumulated in the abdomen you must call your doctor.

12 - Does receiving medicine interfere with ovarian response?

You must inform your doctor about your medications as some of them interfere with the ovulation induction medication.

13 - Is it true that all through the program we must avoid intercourse?

Not true, as there is no relation between intercourse and ovarian response.

14 - Does a retroverted uterus interfere with implantation in In Vitro Fertilization, and does it have any effect on pregnancy?

No, it does not. About 20% of women have a retroverted uterus and become pregnant without any complication.

15 - Does age have any effect on success?

One of the most important factors is age, as the fertility rate decreases with a woman's increasing age.

16 - Does obesity interfere with pregnancy and lead to infertility?

Indirectly, it can as it may be associated with Polycystic ovary syndrome.

17 - Is there any hope for those with premature ovarian failure?

This condition, at the current time, has no solution. Their condition is associated with high FSH and low estrogen resulting in the inability of the ovary to produce follicles.

18 - Excessive weight loss, dose it causes amenorrhea?

Yes, in some condition like anorexia nervosa.

19 - Does heavy exercise cause amenorrhea?

Sometimes, and it depends on the type of exercise and woman herself.

20 - I was married 5 months ago and I have bad azoospermia, what can I do?

We advise you to have a fine needle aspiration of the testes, then depending on the result, hopefully positive, then we can start an ICSI program. If it is negative, we will discuss stem cells with him.

21 - I was married 17 years ago with our first baby born when I was 22 years old. The second, at 26 years and then I used contraception pills for 5 years. After that, I tried to get pregnant but was not successful. An HSG was done and it said,” blocked tubes.” Now what can I do?

We have two solutions. The first is to do laparoscopy to re-open the tubes, if possible, or consider the ICSI program.

22 - We have three girls. What is the best method to have a baby boy, and what is the percentage of success? Would it harm the embryo, or not?

The best method is by ICSI PGD. In this method, if pregnancy occurs, the baby will be male, 100%.

This procedure takes 22-25 days from the second day of your cycle and is done by taking one cell from the embryo and it does not harm the fetus.

23 - Does taking a biopsy from the testes have side effects on the testes in the future?

No, it does not harm the testes now or in the future.

24 - Is their special nutrients to increase the level of estrogen to increase the endometrial thickness?

There is no special nutrient, but we have pills used for increasing the thickness of the endometrium

Last Update: 2011-09-01