Cultural Centers in Jordan

Cultural Centers in Jordan

Cultural Centers Phone Phone Location
Abdel Hamid Shoman Found 5602155 5672541 Jabal Amman 1st. Circle
American Center 5602155 5841132 Abdoun
The British Council 4612353 4639777 Jabal Amman 1st. Circle
Darat al Funoun 4643252    
Emirates cultural centre 4612658 4630061 Shmesani
French Cultural Center 4612658 4630061 Jabal El-Webdeh
Haya Arts Center 5665195 5665196 Shmesani
Goethe Institute 4641993 4612383 Jabal Amman, 3rd Circle
Italian Language Center 4638185   Abdali
Royal Cultural Center 5669026 5669081 Shmesani
Spanish Cultural Center 4630858 4624049  Jabal Amman, 3rd Circle
Theatre and Arts Directorate 4639317 4664133  
Turkish Cultural Center 4639777 4612353 Jabal Amman 1st. Circle

Al-Hussein cultural center

GAM established Al Hussein Cultural Center to be a cultural landmark for the City of Amman. The Center is located in the center of town, next to GAM main building.It includes several exhibition halls, which can be used by citizens free of charge, as well as theaters and public libraries.

Queen Rania Park


Queen Rania Park (QRP) is located in Um Nuwara neighborhood near the ‘Ten Bridges’,between Al Nuser and Quweismeh, and covers an area of 26 acres. QRP project aims at providing educational, health and physical care for children, and developing their mental capabilities, as well as providing opportunities for training and educating women. The project also seeks to provide an outlet for area residents to engage in recreational activities and other educational and cultural functions. Considering the great emphasis on bridging the digital gap, QRP facilities include a special computer room for children, which contains seven computers connected to the Internet.

Zaha cultural center

The Center is located in Khalda, in western Amman. It is dedicated to providing Amman's children with free social, cultural and athletic services. The Center has a computer lab,a library and several courts and playgrounds.

The house of art

The establishment of House of Arts came as a result of GAM wishes to dedicate one of Amman's ancient houses as a center for Jordanian arts. For that purpose, it purchased and restored a house that was built in 1926. In addition to staging musical and theatrical activities, the House showcases traditional costumes and handicrafts.

The Public Library

Amman Municipal Public Libraries are among the oldest and most visible cultural attractions in the city. The first public library was opened to the public in 1960.

GAM Public Libraries Department works hard to provide cultural and educational services through public libraries in all Municipality regions, so that there will be a public library in each region.

Today, the Municipality oversees 31 public libraries that a number of which cater exclusively to children. In total, these libraries, which welcome some 1000 visitors daily, house more than half a million books, 256 periodicals; have some 50,000 members, and serve the needs of around 130,000 borrowers a year.

The House of Poetry

It considered one of the major cultural attractions of Amman, and situated on Jabal al Qal'ah overlooking the Roman Amphitheatre, the House of Poetry occupies one of Amman’s oldest houses: the former residence of Prince Ali bin Nayif. Greater Amman Municipality purchased the house in 1994, and in August 1999 began the restoration and remodeling project of the place thus preserving its original architectural identity. The House was then dedicated as a meeting place for local and Arab poets and poetry enthusiasts from all over the country.

Source: Ministry Of Tourism/Greater Amman Municipality

Last Update: 2011-09-01